Parliamentary Toolkit

Advice Direct Scotland (ADS) is Scotland’s largest digital advice agency. Our central purpose is to provide impartial and independent advice services to the citizens of Scotland.

Our services are completely free at the point of use; offering reliable, relevant, and practical advice to those who need it the most. The information we provide is always relevant and current, and our advisers undertake extensive training spanning a broad catalogue of topics, such as customer service skills, identifying and responding to customer vulnerability, and the wide variety of social issues impacting our clients.

Ensuring that all citizens have ease of access to advice and support is a core mission of ours. In pursuit of this, ADS utilises innovative omni-channel technology which enables citizens to engage with our services via our website(s), telephone lines, SMS, web chat, email, and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp).

In facilitating this diverse range of channels, we strive to enable all citizens to seek informed support in the way that best suits them. ADS therefore provides a uniquely valuable and inclusive service insofar as it delivers reliable multi-channel advice across a broad spectrum of issues to all individuals within Scotland.