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Service User Expectations & Service Plan

There are certain expectations that we have of customers in their interactions with us. We understand that the issues you face can be emotionally charging or draining. They can make you sad, angry, impatient… however, the following core behaviours are the minimum we expect from service users:

Be honest – we can’t help you if you hide anything about your situation.

  • Be accurate  – our advice and information is based on what you tell us – if you are not accurate, our advice may not apply to you.
  • Be legible – if you are contacting us by email or live chat, please take care to be legible – if we can’t understand what you have written, we won’t know how to help.
  • Be prepared – get as much information and documents together as possible prior to contacting us – it will make your query more effective and more efficient.

Lastly, treat our staff and volunteers with the respect that they are showing you. We are under no obligation to accept abuse or threatening behaviour. In most cases we operate a three-strike policy:

In some cases of extreme abuse or threatening behaviour, our staff and volunteers reserve the right to immediately terminate the call. Additionally, we will contact the Police if we believe a threat to be of a substantial nature. provides free information and support on a wide range of debt-related issues.

Our specialist debt advisers can work with you to assess your current situation, look at your income and outgoings, and consider what to do next. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). provides free, practical advice and information on a variety of subject areas, including:

  • Benefits
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Family and Relationships work in partnership with the Scottish Government to deliver the Home Heating Support Fund for Scottish households struggling with energy costs. work in partnership with the Scottish Government, Trading Standards Scotland and local Trading Standards offices. provides all Scottish citizens with practical, relevant and completely free consumer advice and information which makes a difference. provides free, practical advice and information on postal-related matters to the citizens of Scotland.

We can provide advice and information if you:

  • Experience issues when sending or receiving mail
  • Would like more information on Royal Mail services
  • Wish to understand Royal Mail’s complaints process provides free, practical advice and information on energy-related matters to the citizens of Scotland.

We can provide advice and information if you:

  • Have an energy enquiry relating to your supplier (no matter how complex)
  • Wish to understand your energy supplier’s complaints process
  • Are experiencing any problems with your energy bills

We are an accredited SQA Training Centre with the resources to provide an extensive range of flexible training solutions for both individuals and organisations.  We use a holistic approach to learning that focuses on meeting the learning styles of our trainees through blended training programmes.